PMA Karate Benefits Program

PMA provides its membership with a vast array of specialized classes and other events not usually found in a martial arts school.

v      At Del Mar and Old Town studios we offer about 30 formal classes weekly......adults, teens and children.

v     Various mini-ninja classes for the 4 & 5 year olds

v      On campus classes at various private schools

v      Private class-lesson custom scheduling

v Yoga classes

A defined technique curriculum for each age and belt level. Inclusion of philosophical, historical and character development programs. Motto: “We teach attitudes first.”

  Founding date October 24, 1978 so we are one of the most established dojos in San Diego, voted #1 martial arts school in the SD Union-Tribune poll.

  A staff (professional and volunteer) of over twenty dedicated black belts and brown belts who regularly  teach and assist. Our black belts are ranked and promoted on technical and mental merit and achievement. (Our black belt is not awarded for the two or three years of simple training so prevalent in many schools today.)

Yearly, we offer four major in-house competition tournaments called Summerfest, Winterfest, Autumnfest and Stars and Stripes. We offer outside travel and competition to the advanced students on the team.

  Camps: we offer six winter and summer camps to three different age groupings (sometimes these are mountain classes that can last four days.

  Extracurricular activities include: scholarship and academic  awards, tea ceremonies, outdoor classes such as beach classes, Awards Day Event, social parties such as Christmas time, movie nights in house

  Formal testing three times yearly to promote in belt rank and measure progress.

  Comprehensive web site with secure on line registration or payment page (

  Convenient in house sales of equipment, such as uniforms, t-shirts, weapons, etc. at reasonable costs and with the convenience of picking better quality and sizes for you. We also offer on line direct individual service with our major karate supplier, you will have your own account if you choose, door to door delivery.

  Superior quality athletic floors. At Del Mar a rubberized vinyl surface designed to reduce leg and joint stress. At Old Town a state of the art Harlequin professional dance floor.

  Affiliated PMA dojos located in East County,  Portland and Salt Lake City where you can also train during your travel in those areas.

Jerry Devine is the head instructor of the PMA and holds the title of Grandmaster. A former math teacher, he has always strived to bring out the best of character and physical performance in the karate students. He developed and stood by a school motto that states “We teach attitudes first.” Giving each person a sense of dignity and worth is his purpose and this is transmitted through all the other many great teachers who daily carry out this message. Although black belt rank is perhaps a student’s ultimate goal in karate, Master Devine believes that in this journey there must also be an equal importance to strive for perfection of self and the things we do.