The teachers of the PMA provide experience and dedication as they teach and assist classes at the dojo. There are about 15 lead teachers and prime assistants in the dojo and some are shown here.



 Black Belt and assistant teacher Michael Rauser was a Berkley U graduate and spent 13 years with the PMA, earning a 2nd dan. He assisted mainly at Del Mar dojo.

Thor Brickman has been training over twenty five years, is a fourth dan in karate-do and also holds a second dan in weapon's study. He is the founder of the famous mini ninja program for the four and five year old  student. He started this program over ten years ago. It features animal forms and stories for the young student and allows them to grow in focus, concentration, alertness and in coordination so that they can graduate into the regular karate programs. Mr. Brickman teaches all levels at the Del Mar Studio and Old Town. When he is not doing karate, you will find him a computer genius.



Jason Knight iwas a post-graduate student at USD. Originally a white belt in the Salt Lake City dojo, he now resides in Los Angeles. He did most of his San Diego teaching at Old Town.  Mr. Knight's main karate interests are in breaking techniques and tournaments.


Michael Kaminski primarily teaches at the Del Mar dojo. A dynamic member of the tournament team, and top performer, he has trained 13 years. 



James Andrew Vaughn is a current teacher at both Del Mar and Old Town. He has been training since about eight years old and is not one or more versatile black belts. He likes tournaments, and is active in teaching all ages of juniors, including the mini ninjas. He works during the day in the computer field.






Tim Nguyen,  Black Belt,  and assistant teacher has trained for 18 years and is a UCSD post graduate. His karate specialty is kata and he has won numerous awards in tournament competition




Graham Zimmerman, was a breaking star along with top results in open tournaments. Currently at the NY Culinary School, he used to teach the Francis Parker program. 


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Eric Altenau taught at both Del Mar and Old Town. Eric has trained over 18 years and is a Colorado graduate. He is currently living and teaching in Japan.

Becky Black Sensei has been teaching high school students who have some learning situations in particular classes. Her 20 years of karate training has helped her focus in this challenging profession. She taught  the Blessed Sacrament program for a number of years and has produced some top quality brown belt students. This outstanding black belt excels in accuracy of technique. Currently she teaches at Old Town.

Rosado Sensei is an original founder of the PMA, starting on day one back in 1978. Eric Rosado has gone on to win national titles. Noted for his speedy side kick and mega fast back fist, he is also a great analyst and teacher of the movements of karate.

Michael Brown Sensei, a fifth dan black belt,  shown proudly with daughter Rachel. Brown Sensei is an avid weapons student and teacher. He also continues to exemplify fitness through stretching and weights. A top tournament performer, he also brings excellence in teaching both to the dojo and at college where he teaches math. Daughter Rachel is now in the senior program and is a brown belt.