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                  Karate's Deeper Meanings

A video that explains the philosophy

and meanings of karate.


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                    Our major San Diego locations (dojos) are 2266 San Diego Ave in Old Town

                    and 11855 Ste G Sorrento Valley Rd in the Del Mar - Carmel Valley area.

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Kids' Korner by Master Devine

PMA Conduct Code and Fight Song

Joining the PMA.... information

How to get your name printed on a uniform.

Featured essay.... Tetsudai

Waiver for Birthday Party attendance

Waiver for class and karate events (general)

Benefits of the many PMA programs

How, why, and what is testing?

Referring prospective students.... input

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Winter Camp at Mt. Empire

Junior Winter camp information

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PMA was established in 1978...."We teach attitudes first."


Meet some of our teachers on the teacher's page.

New article! Choosing a martial arts school is a challenge. Read what Grandmaster Devine has to say in what to look for.

PMA 2012 team competes in Albuquerque, New Mexico

The PMA team just complete the American Karate Open in San Diego winning most of its kata events.
Recent dan level promotions to nidan (2nd degree) were made to Peter Grootenhuis, Rachel Brown, Robert Graff and Carol Sedlacek.


The PMA team will compete Nov. 8th in The Floyd Burk Santee Tournament.  The Los Angeles MA celebrates its first anniversary in September.

Shi Yao Hai from Canada is coming for ten days of rattan seminars and Chi Kung starting Dec. 2nd.

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Belt testing

"Why we test" outline for newer students.

PMA Curriculum and Testing material

SECURE PAYMENT SITE. For all registrations, sales, camps, etc., click on the red rectangles anywhere you find them.

Secure payment site 


How the judges are giving you scores when you compete.



Concentration is a major part of karate performance.
Asobi ja nai or "don't play around" is an essay by Master Devine that continues the theme of focus and concentration in training class.

Grandmaster title and 10th Dan were awarded to Master Jerry Devine
on Dec. 10/02 by Grandmaster Victor A. Hughes.

At a special ceremony for PMA black belts and alumni black belts plus about 20 of the top San Diego karate masters, Master Devine was recognized for his many contributions to the martial arts with this award. This is the highest award in karate. Master Devine jokingly laments there are no more belts to earn so where will he find goals for the future. For photos and a description of the ceremony, click here.  

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