Martial Arts

Museum of America

 San Diego, California    Founded 1993


Start your karate training now with a museum scholarship. Current offer is a special three month introductory program in Old Town are taught by the Pacific Martial Arts (est. 1978) after school. It starts in April!

The Martial Arts Museum of America is a

(non profit corporation 501(c)(3)) sponsor of educational programs of various

types, such as school assemblies, demonstrations, scholarships, awards,

classes and more. Two locations are currently available in Old Town and

Del Mar-Carmel Valley areas.

Students can register for two days per week in the traditional karate programs.  Classes are for ages 6 to 12 after school. There is a special class for 4-5 year olds. Teenagers 13 and up attend classes that start at 6 pm.

  • Students aged six to twelve can register for two days per week in traditional karate programs. Classes are Tuesday and Thursday at 330 PM to 420 PM. Students aged 4 and 5 can register for the Thursday class 515 PM to 545 PM.

Students can register for this special three month program which runs from April through June of 2013. Students attend a free trial class to ascertain interest and understand the concepts of karate.  The teachers may grant extra lessons in July to do makeups due to holidays or later registration.

These particular classes will be held in the Old Town area with easy access from I-5 or I-8. The location of the Pacific Martial Arts studio is at 2266 San Diego Ave at the corner of Old Town Ave. It is a large facility, 6000 square feet, parking in back.

MAMA (the museum) contracts out the course arrangements to well qualified traditional teachers of black belt standing. Only students registering through MAMA can receive this particular course instruction and at these rates.

Call 619-752-7515

or visit us on line to register or get more details!


Costs for the 6-12 gage group for the three month program will be $150 for all the lessons.  For the younger 4-5 group the cost is $90. Students are required to have or buy a white uniform that can be supplied by the studio.






Eligibility: the student must be at least six years of age and present a previous year or current report card copy that indicates satisfactory scholarship and conduct grades.  Students are required to have passing grades at school as well good citizenship (conduct) grades. Preference is given to karate beginners. We reserve the right to rescind a scholarship if the student conduct is disruptive to the regular class, or if we deem the student is not able to concentrate and focus sufficiently. In such cases we may suggest delaying the participation until the student has acquired more maturity. Other rules, regulations and guidelines will apply. This scholarship offer cannot be used with any other offers or in lieu of existing agreements in karate studios. We reserve the right to limit or end further enrolment at anytime. Commitment is three month to this particular scholarship program. Scholarships are generally not renewable.



 The locations are very secure sites in safe neighborhoods. There is ample parking and students are  supervised at all times. 

 Please feel free to call 619-752-7515 for more information or any questions. Ask about the MAMA programs.

 MAMA has contracted to use the services of Pacific Martial Arts (established 1978) and their facilities. The PMA reserves the right to limit the number of students who may receive these scholarships. You may visit their website at

Some of the teachers who will be teaching are:

          Grandmaster  Jerry Devine, black belt, former math teacher, member IKK Hall of Fame

          Becky Black, Sensei, current high school teacher

          Andrew Vaughn, black belt, graduate student of SDSU in computer sciences engineering

          Yuri Gorokhov, graduate in computer engineering SDSU

          Michael Brown, Sensei,  math professor Mesa College















To register: (mail, on line, or by phone)

Scholarship program of the Martial Arts Museum of America

This is an application to take the six month karate training course and scholarship. On receiving your application, we will contact you and give you other information and details needed to get started. Your application does not guarantee acceptance in the program.

Student name 


Parent name 


Student birth date (mm/dd/year)


Full address, city, zip code  


Phone number, cell numbers 


Current school, and grade 


Email address:   


Indicate two days that you would prefer to train.


Mail this to Martial Arts Museum of America

1010 University Ave  #264, San Diego CA 92103 

Or go on line to to register.

Or call 619-752-7515 

Do not make payment with this registration. You will be billed after the orientation and acceptance into the scholarship program.






























MAMA or the museum has the right to modify or end the program at any time, and to limit the number of scholarships awarded. Only those using the flier handed out in certain schools are eligible for consideration. Siblings may qualify as well, please ask. The PMAF USA Inc as the teaching entity has the right to terminate any membership (scholarship plan award) due to the conduct or performance of any student, particularly if it believes such conduct or performance is harmful to its business interests or the other students. This scholarship offer is for first time applicants only, not current or past members of the PMA, and cannot be used in conjunction with current training at any other martial arts school.

Officers: Dir. J. Devine Vice-Dir. E. Rosado  Treas. A. Imbimbo  Sec. B. Black